​Bubbles Laundry Reviews & Testimonials

This place is clean. Sliding doors so I do not have to juggle my laundry. The washers are huge and take a debit or credit card in addition to quarters and a bubbles card. The washers take 20 minutes. The dryers are huge. 4 washers, 2 dryers. All my clothes are clean and dry after one cycle. It is requested you fold at home due to covid. The attendant is nice and will explain the machines if you do need help. He is constantly walking around cleaning machines. It is not crowded. And since it was so warm out, the ac was heavenly. Until, I get my washer replaced, this is where I am doing laundry.

This is the only logical choice for a laundromat. Good people for sure. The owner truly has a passion about his laundromat. Upgrading to state of the art equipment continuously. I'm grateful for their passion, the benefits are well worth it.

This is a great place to do your laundry. It is very clean, the machines are newer and the attendant is very helpful. They have a variety of machines for different size loads. Plus, they have two large machines that can handle a king size comforter. And, they have 3 sizes of dryers. They also have a drop off if you don't have time to do it yourself. The machines take debit and credit cards if you don't have any change